Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I'm just going to post something from my other blog...

I do hereby declare myself King, Ruler of france. Don't laugh. I'm serious. What are they going to do? Call me names? Surrender? Oooohhh, I'm scared of the white flags. Now, as I am king, I set out a few decrees. First, all current citizens are hereby evicted from wherever they are, and are to move to a state yet to be determined. Second, I do hereby declare that the United States' holding of Saddam Hussein is wrong, and demand that he be released to the protection of france, and that he is to be sovereign governor of the state, to be determined, where all current french citizens are to be moved to. All other terrorists are also invited to this state, where, and only where, they will be free from persecution by french forces. Third, in the spirit of cooperation with the world with the War on Terror, I do hereby invite any nation that wishes to carpet-bomb said state to do so, in order to destroy the fore-mentioned terrorists. Fourth, france officially withdraws from the United Nations. Any current french citizen violating or resisting any of these decrees are declared traitors, and will be executed on sight.

So let it be writen, so let it be done.


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