Thursday, April 29, 2004

Embry-Riddle actually has a policy that states that there can be no guns, ammo, knives, or "any weapons" on campus! What the hell is this uber-liberal policy doing at an aerospace/engineering school?! We're in the middle of nowhereville Prescott, AZ! All sorts of crazies and goblins could be hiding in the desert waiting for some poor, defenseless college kid to prey on. How are we supposed to defend ourselves? I, personally, am bringing my "letter openers." I'll carry them around with me if I have to. Hell, we are all adults. We should be able to handle the responsiblily of a weapon; because if we couldn't, we probably would be dead or locked up already.What if I wanted to start a weapon's club, or a metalworking club? I'll just have to rebel I guess.


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