Monday, May 03, 2004

I have decided that I will teach my children to shoot. All of them. Starting from a young age. And my wife, if she is not already so empowered. Myself comes first, as I should have ample time before I have to worry about those other peoples. I thought that I would get that opportunity in college, but as they don't like weapons, they would have it that some goblin would kill me in some dark alley than I could defend myself. Freakin' Justice hates guns, and look where that got him. Maybe he'll learn, but most likely he won't as those sort of things don't seem to faze the Barking Moonbat Brigade. If I had my way, I could at least carry large bladed weapons to school, if not guns. Those stupid people that would abuse such privilege will quickly die, as the security would be able to do the same if not more. If I had my way, and this is more realistic, I would teach all my friends, especially those more likely to need it. You know who I mean. There is nothing like the sheer power of holding something so awesome in your hands. Of course with that power comes responsibility, and that is what the training is for. And there is not many things as fun as shooting blackpowder, with the strong sulfrous smell in the air. All should have that opportunity.


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