Monday, May 10, 2004

What is with those Arabs...

What the bloody hell?!

If I hear of those bloody Arabs complaining about Abu Ghraib or whatever the hell that prison is one more time, I might just take an M-60 and gun down all those idiots! It's OK for you guys to pull all this ethnic-cleansing, but it is an outrage for your jihadis to have humiliating pictures taken of them? Or was it that it was a WOMAN that did it? Can't have those blights on humanity (females) disrespecting men, can we? Women like that get stoned in ArabLand.

"Religion of Peace"? Bull! Blacks in Sudan (and now Chad) are getting killed by Sudanese government troops and Muslim militia. But that's OK, as they are Infidels, and thus it is God's will that they all be killed. I'm glad that someone has the balls to kill those towel-heads...too bad our government can't. I think it's funny that a third-world country can field a fighting force so quickly at it's borders that is skilled enough to have a 60-1 kill ratio...maybe we should hire some of those guys and send them to Fallujah...

You might think this is might be right...I don't particularly like a group of people that is out to kill me and everyone else unlike sue me. At least we're not in france (which still is not obeying me, by the way), where I probably would get sent to prison for voicing any views against Islam.


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