Thursday, July 01, 2004

Fiction (again)

I am reposting a thing from a little while ago because I didn't get enough response. So do it!

There has been a survey put out by Right Wing News to list your 25 favorite fictional characters. I know it is a bit late, because he already has the results. But I will do it anyways, since I am such a cool guy like that, and I didn't get the memmo, as I am not a particularly big blogger, and I don't visit his site...ever. My mistake. This will be fun, and you should all do it too.
You should post your replys in your own places and/or comments, either here or my Xanga.

My 25 favorite fictional characters (in no particular order):

Ford Perfect (Hitchiker series)
Mr. Bennet (Pride and Prejustice)
Bender (Futurama)
Mr. Burns
Sideshow Bob
James Bond
James T. Kirk
Indiana Jones
Mara Jade (Star Wars books)
John Clark (from Tom Clancy's books)
Jack Ryan (from the same)
Bill Werden (The Right Kind of War)
K (Men in Black)
Roscharch (The Watchmen)
Wesley (The Princess Bride)
Han Solo
Earendil (The Silmarilion)
Bart Simpson
Nikolai Rostov (War and Peace)
Red Forman (That 70's Show)
The Joker
Captain Zennor ( Star Trek: First Strike)
Anakin Solo


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