Wednesday, May 12, 2004

What to do with them?

What can we do with them?
How can we possibly bring justice to Nick Berg?
We can't.
It seems like we won't try, either.
The next time someone says that we got what we had coming to us from the Abu Garhib thing...
Maybe those people are on their side. The side of the terrorists. Some Iraqis were stripped and humiliated. The idiots who did it are getting the justice they deserve. Somehow, I just don't get how such things are eqitable to decapitating a man with a knife. Call me racist, but those towelheads deserve a bit more than that. They won't, as no human being, including myself, would, could do anything worse. Of course, we could always find some sub-human to do it. I mean, they did it to an innocent man. It obviously wouldn't be so bad. They took a movie for all to see.
At least the MP's had the balls (if not the brains) to show their faces.
For something a bit more coherent, go here.


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