Friday, August 27, 2004

Kid Driving Flying Corvette...

I recently heard that the add with the boy driving the Corvette got pulled. That was one of the best car commercials ever! It had awesome stunt driving, flying cars, upsidedown cars, everything! Shoot, the only part I don't agree with the little sort of...I don't know...romantic intrest (?) with the little boy and girl. I don't think little boys and girls would, or should, fell that way about each other. But that is a whole other issue. The thing is, some whiny parent groups think that it encourages unsafe behaviour. I know that all underage kids want to drive like that, and will go do it. I mean, in the past seven (7) years, there have been twenty-five (25) fatalities from underaged driving. Big, scary statistics, all making me want to hide under my pillow from fear of little boys driving cars at extreme speeds through pipes...or not. I think it is just rediculous, in my opinion. Except for these frenchies, the commercial had been very favorably recieved. Like I said before, I thought it was really freaking cool. Almost as good as the one where they were throwing stuff out of the back of the trucks at the cars to "Ballroom Blitz" by Sweet. Car company caves to a parent group. Just pathetic.
My only other gripe with this is that the back of the Corvette looks like some dumb 80's sportscar. Love the front. Hate the back.


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