Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Why shouldn't we be Fat?

Boy, it has been a long time....
Anyways, back to the topic...Why shouldn't we be fat? Because it is ugly? Because it is unhealthy? Because it is uncomfortable?
I was crusing around the Blogsphere, and in my usual visit to Tech Central Station, I decided to click on the link to the section on the movie Supersize Me. Those folks must really not like that movie. I can see why. Along the way, I come across the article Food Fights by Sandy Szwarc:
Yes, eating is becoming political. Our government is increasingly adopting the false science of a special interest group intent on making sure we all eat what they think we should -- and look and behave acceptably, too. If we're not careful, this new eugenics will see to it we're no longer free to eat what we want and we'll pay more for the privilege. If this sounds overly dramatic, look at what's already happened.

Hmmmm...seems those that decry the fashion industry for setting unhealthy examples of beauty and warn that the various fad diets can be very unhealthy as well, want us all to be thin and eat certain foods. Oh, and that food pyramid-wrong! Don't listen to us-well, not what we said before, but what we say now.
Why should we let the government tell us how we should eat? It is one of the few things we have absolute, complete freedom in left. If I want to be a fat tub of lard, who has the right to stop me? Hell, it is a place where even kids have the freedom to do what they want. That "bad" stuff tastes really good. Baring mommy and daddy (and the almighty dollar), who is to stop them from eating candy, ice cream, chips, chicken nuggets, and all the other assorted goodies our modern capitalist society wants to sell them? Not me. And not Uncle Sam either.
I have always viewed that particular Uncle as that fun relative that lets you do what you want, baring a few basic rules, but if you break them you get that whipping, stupid kid; not the one that locks you in the house while he reads your diary while eating steak bought with money from your piggie bank.


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