Monday, October 04, 2004

I am getting into the habit of this. This posting often thing.

I saw something that really bothered me today. The thing that bothered me is that it is by an author that is normally quite intelligent. And, that there are many other people that feel that way. Mainly people at the Democratic Underground*. Not the most intelligent people at all. Why would a normally rational, even smart person fall into this trap? I do not know. It is all rather tragic. To think that saving troops, or keeping them at home, is better than freeing an oppressed people, whether or not it keeps us safter for our troops to fight elsewhere. And the whole Freudian explanation? Not credible.

I don't give a darn about the "missing" WMD's, or that Iraq and Afganistan are not Germany in less than four years. All that was WMD business was to try to get the UN to join up with us (I don't know why we would want that; the UN had muddled up any conflict they have been in, from Korea on). The United States needs no international body to give it permission to defend its interest. We needed no international help at all to do what we have done. It is helpful to have the cooperation of 30 other countries, especially the full cooperation of Britain. It eases our burden. Nothing else. When we have a bigger, more capable military than the rest of the world combined, we need no help to take out some puny country that we smacked before, and have been keeping down, militarily, since.

My only problem has been the way Bush has been handling it. He fights like the opinions of the rest of the world matters. The only other country it matters to how we fight the war is Iraq. As we have seen with the recent Sammara actions, the Iraqis do not have the same restraints as we do. They are not afraid to even damage a "holy" mosque. Why do we? I say, most of us sane people dont. Just those DU people, and those like them. But then again, they do not like the whole war in the first place. Or, at least, not the "unilateral" way Bush is doing it (no coalition is complete without the frogs and krauts). All too crazy.

*Warning!!! DU is not for the feint of heart (or those who cannot control their tempers)!!


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