Thursday, December 02, 2004

Crap science

"One out of 250 Americans has AIDS.

One out of 500 know it.

Shoot. I'm pissed about that. That means half of doctors didn't tell their patients, but told some statistics gatherers.

Either that, or someone is making assumptions they shouldn't make. And it isn't me.

I hate it when intrest groups post figures that are mere estimates, and then pass them off as fact. You all know this. Not news to anyone. Because 92.67% of all statistics are made up...including this one.

I think it is rather absurd that a full half of people with AIDS in the US don't know. This is probably the Western country with the most paranoia about that particular disease. Granted, there are an awful lot that wouldn't know, as the symptoms don't show up for a long time. But a half-million, and more?

I would like to see the data on this statement. And how it was gatered. And how the statistic was deduced. All these are very important to the accuracy of a finding. You can observe the detrimental effects of bad science every day. Global warming, for one thing. The myriads of health "studies."

Don't believe me?

Look up a couple of sites (they just happen to be in my links on the right, but if you so choose to look them up, use the links here):

Tech Central Station
Greenie Watch

Both are very good in uncovering the bad science. Much more so than I.

Hie thither!

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At 1:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The statistics were most likely gathered by testing subjects and asking them first whether they had it. Half those tested probably had it but said they didn't.

-Duke of Highland

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