Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Why don't you like Bush?

Before the election, I would like to know why or why not you are voting for a certain candidate. Also, I would like to know why, specifically you do not like President Bush, or what you don't like about his policies. I know everyone has some gripe. But, I want it to be entirely rational and able to be backed up. I don't want any lame "He went to war for oil!" bull-crap. I want a real, verifiable answer to policy issues. I would put them now, but they are many, and I am doing something else at the moment - just wanted to put this out while it was still in my mind. I meant to do this a while ago, but I forgot amongst all the other things I was doing. I will either put it in the comments, or in another post in the near future.

Oh, and I will be doing another survey, much like the one about the fictional characters a while back. I have to think of a new thing, though, that will cause thought. Or, if that doesn't happen, I will just do the fictional character thing again, because not all of you saw it, and less actually took the time to really do it.


At 12:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I voted for Kerry. I believe in public funding of programs to help the needy. I hate abortion, yet I agree with Kerry that a woman has the right to choose. bush has stepped on too many toes around the world. I had a discission with someone from Nigeria the other day about how the rest of the world views bush, that is NOT the image we want for our country. Kerry isn't a saint by any means, but I think he can't do any worse than Bush in the aspect of foreign relations. Also, I am a Christian and the thought of Bush using terms such as "We're destroying Evil" and such rhetoric to substantiate his wars is insulting to me. christianity is a religion of love, not hate and animosity towards others. if he wants to go to war fine, but God help him if he justifies it through his religious beliefs. And I'm spent

At 8:45 AM, Blogger David said...

Well, I prommised I would do this, and I might as well do it now, before too many results come in. Woundn't be much of a point after tonight, no?
Enough of that.
Why would I, some big conservative, have a beef with Bush? Well, besides the obvoious that you can find something you don't like about anyone, I have several policy things that I don't like about his administration. First off; the No Child Left Behind. It is not the place of the federal government to regulate education at all. States' job. While it is working somewhat (something that grandiose can't work in less than four years; probably not even a decade or two), the federal-ishness of it is pure evil ;)
Another point of opposition: immigration; specifically dealing with the illegal kind. Note to Bush (but also all politicians - Rep. and Dem. almost all have a big problem with this): illegal immigration is illegal. Rewarding them for crossing a border without all the paperwork and wait, all not legal, is just wrong; if you are punishing white-collar crime by putting people in jail for years, why not illegal immigrants; or better yet, deport them.
I have more to say, but I have to leave. More later.

At 9:51 AM, Blogger David said...

Oh, yah, there's more. Personally, I think Bush is too soft on terrorism. There are too many terrorists not dead, for one thing. Another: Iraq has not, until recently, been handled well in the terrorism aspect of the whole thing. There are way too many buildings still standing in the "Suni triangle." Especially since terrorists and the like are in those buildings. Those places should be made empty by decreasing their volume to barely enough for a few air molecules; namely, by flatening them.
On the home front, while claiming to want to make government smaller (a good thing), he in fact made a whole new, and quite unneccessary cabinet branch. Homeland Security is supposed to defend us against different things. Too bad there isn't a department for defence...
Speaking of which, there is that whole Patriot Act. While not being used by the forces of evil yet (you name for me one case where it has been used to take away rights like all the leftists are claiming), it could very well be used for that. I don't see a Bush administration doing such a thing, as fortunately it hasn't happened in three years, a more unscrupulous person could easily take away the rights of just about anyone they say is a threat - just like the Nazis and Commies did. Good thing that thing sunsets; but still, it should never have happened in the first place.
Just the overall spending is not cool. He is worse than Clinton was when he had the support of Congress. There is a war going on, but still, he is spending on all sorts of unneccessary, and probably unconstitutional things.
And the UN still exists. Not cool at all, Mr. President; and yet you still think that they have any relevance. You still care about the opinions of the rest of the world, at least the ones that don't agree with us right now.
Oh, and the whole acnowledging that Pallisine exists. It doesn't, and never has, at least in the way everybody is trying to make it. I will get into that at some later time. Now is not the time for that.

And yet, with all these problems, I would still choose Bush over just about any possible Democratic candidate (and some Republicans, especially that McCain (all those RINOs)). If those were to come into office, all those beefs I had with Bush would be multiplied. Not good at all. So I would have to choose Bush.

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